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I want to leave them with more than

a good impression.


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How It

All Began

For many years now, Dr. Tammy has focused on introducing healthy practices into her life. A runner and clean eater, she understands the importance of taking care of oneself, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact the world, she knew that she had to take action to assuage her fears and to ensure that she was fit to fight off this deadly virus. Dr. Tammy began researching ways to build up her immune system to battle diseases and to boost her energy.  She discovered the amazing benefits of Sea Moss and its identity as a “Natural Superfood.” Discovering that it contained 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies require led her to one conclusion; she HAD to add Sea Moss to her daily regimen. As she dug a little deeper, she realized that she was ready and willing to make her own Sea Moss Gel. This way she could ensure that she was getting ALL of the benefits that the gel could provide.  After taking it herself for a while, the phenomenal results led to an abundance of excitement that was too much to contain!  She thought, “If I can feel the wonderful changes from consuming this gel, how many other people would be interested?  I am going to make Sea Moss Gel for others and educate them so that they can improve their lives.” Soon after, Dr. Tammy began preparing Sea Moss Gel for the masses and she takes great pride in the quality of the product that she creates and markets. She is elated to share this life-giving gel so that we can boost our immune systems during a time when we all need them operating at full capacity.

Now known as “The SMG Lady” (Sea Moss Gel), Dr. Tammy has secured placement in multiple retail establishments and her ultimate goal is for much wider exposure and distribution of this gift from the sea. She intends to spread the word via national publications, TV appearances, and anywhere else where the path to good health is sought. Dr. Tammy intends for “The SMG Lady” to become a household name.

Dr. Tammy is a mom, a grandmother, a corporate chick, and a BADASS.  She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 24 years and is currently a Lead Project Consultant for one of the top health insurers in the United States. She also holds a PhD in Community Engagement, focusing on stress experienced by single mothers in disadvantaged communities and their coping mechanisms


Motherhood inspired Tammy's  fitness journey and a doctor's checkup suggesting blood pressure medicine, ignited the change. She follows a sustainable fitness model that consists of cardio & resistance training. 

Take Control
Make The Change
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Tammy has the God-given gift of inspiration and encouragement. She believes sharing knowledge, a hug, handshake, words, or even a smile is fulfilling as we give someone a little light in a

dark world. 

Change Lives | Give Hope
Cultivate Optimism
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