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“That sea moss is the TRUTH!  Although I’ve only been taking it a few days, I definitely feel a difference with increased energy and no night sweats!! I’m amazed!! Thank you!!”

 Janice Henderson


“My husband’s sugar levels have dropped ever since he started taking your sea moss gel.  Your product has made a difference!!”

Doris Tucker


“Your product has made a difference in my health.”

Donna Baxter Porcher/Founder & CEO, The Soul Pitt Magazine


“This product is life.  It’s exceptionally made for your best health and well-being. It’s a part of my daily routine and will continue to be.  Superb customer service.”

Stephanie Wigenton/Owner, SJ by Simplicity Candles


“Sea moss is a superfood we’ve aspired to incorporate into our product lineup for quite some time.  It’s not easy to find a quality source, so we were ecstatic when Dr. Tammy the “SMG Lady” introduced us to her budding local business.  Thank you Dr. Tammy!”

Naomi Hoppel/Owner, The Pittsburgh Juice Company


“Get a probiotic in your life. Gut health is good health.  I use this product faithfully.”

Jackie Hale/Owner, Jackie Yvonne Nutrition


“The best sea moss in Pittsburgh! The flavors are amazing too!!

Mia Hunt


“Big fan of your products!”

Rocky Cristo

“Purchased my sea moss/Hibiscus and I love it!!”

Karen Walker


“Thank you for always providing great customer service.  There is no other person I’d rather give my money to for our sea moss needs.  Check her out!”

Kimberly Francette


“My 13 yr old loves it – tastes like applesauce!”

Deainna Fitzgerald


“Dr. Tammy’s sea moss gel is the best it gets. Freshly made, zero additives, and is blended into a super smooth consistency. Her customer service is excellent – she’s very professional and informative.”

Dallas Washington


“The SMG Lady’s sea moss gel is amazing! It’s fresh & yummy.  Please try it out!! You won’t regret it and you will keep coming back…”

Sereeta Lee


“It’s a great product.  It’s made with quality ingredients and it’s smooth to the taste; like a fine wine.  Plus, she ships it with tracking, a cooling pack and information about sea moss gel.  Definitely worth the money and health.”

Erich Brewster


“If you haven’t tried Dr. Tammy’s sea moss gel, not sure what you are waiting for.  Her product is amazing and you will benefit from it!  I have and I feel great!! Thank you!!”

Nicole Coleman

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